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Hey my name is scribbler23,

I work, I come home, I excercise, I attend church on sundays, and pay my taxes.
I don't watch much TV.
I haven't been to the theatre in a while.

My thoughts are filled with saturday afternoon hikes, and late night weekday beach rendevous.
I drink too much, my car needs a wash. I let people define me with their assumptions, but the greatest joy I feel is, when I prove them wrong.

I've been called lame, funny, creepy, silly, snarky, an asshole, a favorite, and a troll. I change my mind a lot, my jokes are hit-and-miss.

I have the strange habit of endearing myself to someone, then strapping dynamite to myself and blowing away any shot at a normal and fulfilling interpersonal relationship.

I've been dead.

So, what about you?